Friday, May 28, 2010

Chrononaut Gets Airborne, for our one year anniversary!

Ladies, Gentlemen, Harlots and Scoundrels,

It has indeed been one year since the improbable experiment called Chrononaut began. Despite the fact that 99 percent of the population of San Diego has still never heard of steampunk Chrononaut has managed to establish itself as an unique island of creativity in the stagnant sea of local clubs, and has even gained some small amount of fame in the steampunk community globally.

To celebrate we draw on a quintessential of steam dream for inspiration, the dream of flight. No! Not the hideous reality of jet propelled cattle car caskets powered by corporate greed and plagued by terrorists, we mean the beautiful skies filled with stately airships and personal ornithopters that we really want. So strap on those flight caps and goggles for a special evening of aeronautical fun. The evening features shadow puppet perfection by The Animal Cracker Conspiracy presenting their original production Desire to Fly which they describe as "A timeless tale of innovation, longing, and imagination, Desire to Fly is a shadow puppet show inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s “flying machines” and man’s eternal quest for flight. In the distant future a Robot, fresh off the assembly line, finds himself wandering through a garden, where he unexpectedly becomes fascinated by butterflies. From this inspiration he attempts to build his own set of wings. His journey of experimental flight travels beyond the unexpected."

Rounding out the evening is a demonstration for radio controlled airship piloting by The Airship Consortium. A good thing Queen Bees has high ceilings Eh what? We will also be showing archival footage from the golden age of the Zeppelin, and of course there shall be vendors and Professor Greyshade.

Thursday, June 10th, All Ages. Doors open at 8:00 pm and the club closes at 12:00 am. $8.00 cover. See you there.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Chrononaut presents A Steampunk Circus

The circus is an inherently steampunk institution. It is as old Commedia dell'arte yet as new as postmodern performance art. It is a crossroads of skills and technologies both old and new that have always been used to transport us to an alternate reality outside of linear time. So it is with great pleasure that we announce an evening of circus arts featuring performers from the Lindley-Lopez Circus

We also are hosting face and body painting by Skin Tight Body Art. Brianna of Skin Tight asks that if you would like something especially elaborate you contact her in advance through her website. Regarding this we feel we must point out that Chrononaut is at once an all ages club and a forum for creative and alternative culture. With this in mind we ask only that you keep your bodily exposure within the bounds of public legality.

With all this plus the good Professor's musical selections, silent cinema, and vendors we could have a very full night, but there is yet one more factor to be considered in a truly steampunk circus, the DIY ethic of steampunk movement. We have always been impressed with the talent pool in our community and the way the entertainment at Chrononaut comes as much from the floor as the DJ booth or the stage. So we are extending a special invitation to circus-related busking. If you would like to perform on a pass-the-hat basis on the evening, e-mail us at grshado (at) yahoo (dot) com

Please note that the evening goes from 8:00 to midnight in deference to later sunsets of summer. $8 at the door (plus money for buskers) See you there!