Sunday, August 10, 2008

Picnic & Steam Engine Tour

The Machina Fatalis Society will be pleased to welcome SD Costume Guilders, SD Cosplayers, The Manticore Society, and others to our next meetup. Like our tag says, Machina Fatalis is dedicated to steampunk art, literature and lifestyle. We seek adventures in the real world based around a neo-Victorian/steampunk aesthetic and a DIY ethic. We are not a cosplay or larp group. Basically we'd like to promote the lifestyle aspect (i.e. everyday living) of Steampunk; no scripts, no agendas, nothing to sell you on, just like-minded individuals up for adventures Steampunk style! Of course a little character playing creeps in now and again*, but what is life without fun?

Now, as to the finer details of our next congress, it seems the consensus is that we will be dining first, around 1 in the afternoon, on the lawn adjacent the County Administration building across from the Maritime Museum. Gentlemen should expect to provide their own meal and that of the ladies accompanying them. Unchaperoned ladies, though somewhat unheard of, may join us for their meal if they so choose and bring a dish to share. Please call upon Mr. Greyshade or myself if you care to do so. After a fine repast, we shall adjourn to The Berkeley steamferry for an examination of her inner workings. A thrilling time is anticipated!
If there are any concerns or comments, please feel free to call upon us through the Aether or comments upon this missive. I look forward to seeing all of you there!

(*see remainder of post)

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