Thursday, March 5, 2009

Steampunk at the Library, a Final Viewing

I am pleased to report that the steampunk display at the San Carlos Branch Library has been well received indeed. The patrons of the library have been truly delighted to discover the existence of our movement. The exhibit is due to be taken down on Sunday the 15th of March. Mr. Datamancer needs his keyboard back and Captian Octavio must be returned to Ms. Cookie. The exhibit was set up late on a Monday evening and did not have a proper send off; instead we will make an occasion of its final viewing on March 15th at 3:00. Tea and cookies will be served in the community room of the library at 3:30. During the course of the event we will open the display cases and plug in Mr. Datamancer’s keyboard, an event indeed for those of use who have not yet made one of our own! Proper attire is encouraged.

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Anonymous said...

Oooh, I might be able to make it! We might be going to fencing down there in SD on Sunday. If so, I will stop by.