Monday, April 13, 2009

Croquet Noir 2!

It was silly. It was fun. We have to do it again! Please join us on Friday, the 24th of April at 10:00 in the evening for a rousing round of croquet. We will meet in Heritage Park on the lawn at the far end of the park, adjacent The McConaughey House (map here). As there is no seating in this area, lawn blankets are encouraged. Feel free to bring small flashlights, black lights, comestibles and potables. Alcohol under 20% is allowed for those of age. As this is a county park, there is no closing hour. However, this is an urban location near homes, so please use manners as befit gentlemen and ladies. Steampunk, neo-Victorian, dark cabaret, or generally anachronistic clothing enthusiastically welcomed at this event. Please contact us via this blog or our email should you have any questions. Be there or my wife will beat me with a croquet mallet. What? You think I’m joking? Look at this picture. She’s dangerous!


Thieving Magpie said...

I am not dangerous! I believe I was fending off a zombie or some such creature of the night when this shot was taken. I am perfectly safe around children & small pets.

. c h o k l i t . said...

When you move up to the Bay Area, Stache and I will be donning our night-gear to join you... Sounds fabulous!