Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chrononaut Returns!

Chrononaut Steampunk Club Night
A night for temporal adventurers
Featuring performances by Eli August & Veronique Chevalier.

Ladies and Gentlemen, announcing the return of Chrononaut, Friday September 18th. We are excited to present Eli August, featuring members of Fermata, on their first US tour. The evening will also feature the scintillating sounds of chanteuse Veronique Chevalier accompanied by Seth Bedford of Huxley Vertical. Your host, Prof. J. S. Greyshade, selects sounds from eclectic destinations throughout the space-time continuum such as steampunk, alternative folk, gypsy punk, dark cabaret, gothic, middle eastern, circus punk, and extremely mutated hip-hop. Plus vendors, photo booth & other pleasant diversions.

Join us, 7 pm to 12 am at Queen Bee's 3925 Ohio Street, San Diego, CA. All ages.
Steampunk, neo-Victorian, dark cabaret and anachronistic dress welcomed.
Club photos, information & links can be found at Chrononaut Club website
Chrononaut artwork by the ever fantastic Winona Cookie


. c h o k l i t . said...

Oh goodness, how I adore that artwork by WinonaCookie.

I so wish I could come out and dance with you at one of these... I just know I'd be in heaven. Have a brilliant time!

Are you beauties coming to the Regatta?


Thieving Magpie said...

Isn't she smexy?! Winona made her just for us.

You're always welcome to come visit us here in Southern California, even if we're not hosting a club night.

I do so really want to attend the Hand-Car Regatta. Sounds fantastique! I have been wishing on a star, crossing my fingers, and hoping my fairy godmother shows up in time for us to go this year. So far no luck, but I won't give up!