Friday, September 2, 2011

Chrononaut Presents: "A Uniquely Steampunk Experience"

The above phrase was part of the write up for the opening night of Chrononaut in June 2009. It was a magical night with a packed house of young people dancing. Most of the science fiction, renaissance faire, and costuming communities had never heard of steampunk back then. As steampunk became "la fantaisie du jour" in those communities, it changed the crowd and the vibe at Chrononaut into something like a ren faire or a fan convention, which for some reason had a DJ. With the best of intentions people started shying away from the phrase "club night" when describing it.

While steampunk is, among other things, a genre of science fiction, its culture is much more diverse than mainstream "fandom" has ever understood. A new organization has formed to promote and celebrate that fact. The Gashouse Crew is dedicated to putting steampunk back in the hands of the steampunk community. Part of steampunk is its music scene so tonight we are getting back to our roots. Expect a high-energy dance set from the Professor, as we celebrate the rebirth of Chrononaut as a club night, and the steampunk community through the Gashouse Crew.

Thursday September 8th, 7 pm to 11 pm
At Electric Ladyland 4944 Newport Ave, San Diego
Five dollars at the door. All Ages

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