Tuesday, March 13, 2012

San Diego Steampunk is not associated with Queen Bee's

Though we do not like to discuss business matters in public, recent events make posting this necessary. Recently we have been contacted regarding producing events at Queen Bee's, a local all ages venue & former home of the Chrononaut Steampunk Club night, which we produce. Machina Fatalis, Chrononaut and San Diego Steampunk are no longer associated with Queen Bee's in any way. Furthermore several incidents over the last year have made other local steampunks very unhappy with the management of this venue. At the core of all these disputes is the venue's practice of using “contracts” that are little better than scrawled notes or are strictly verbal. Because of this lack of documentation it impossible to prove anything for either side, but there have been disputes regarding both money and ownership of steampunk art objects. Those looking to produce steampunk events with us in San Diego need to look elsewhere for venues. 

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