Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Steampunk Image Transfers

I recently taught a class in making image transfers at Gaslight Gathering. For those that couldn't make it, here's the basic instructions. As with all crafts, feel free to experiment with the technique. 

Quick and Easy Image Transfers
Supplies needed:

1) Omni Gel Transfer Medium (available at Michaels)

2) An image, sized to your project, photocopy or laser print

Step 1: Choose an image and size it to slightly smaller than your project. Print it on a laser printer or make a copy of your inkjet print. Inkjet prints can work, but also can run. Experiment with your printer or get a copy made.

Step 2: You will need to brush on 3 coats of the Omni gel. Brush the first coat in a horizontal direction, let dry completely. Brush the second coat in a vertical direction, let dry completely. Brush the 3rd coat in a diagonal direction, and again let dry completely.

Step 3: Cut image to the size of your project and then soak in a bowl of water for 10.While paper is still wet, rub the paper backing with your fingers in a circular motion to remove all of the paper leaving just the gel transfer behind. Concentrate on the center of your design, working towards the outside. Rinse the transfer in water occasionally to remove the extra paper. Try to remove as much paper as possible so no haze will show through.

Step 4: When the paper is completely removed, you’re left with a vinyl piece with the image trapped inside.vAt this point you can trim this up with scissors if you have ragged edges.

Step 5: Use more of the Omni Gel as glue to adhere the transfer. Spread a light coat on your project and press the transfer down and smooth out to get rid of any air bubbles. Press gently from the center to the sides to work out any air bubbles. Try not to stretch the image while working the bubbles out. Some very small ones won’t be a problem, but be sure to get rid of larger ones.

You can use this technique on tile, ceramics, glass and other hard surfaces. Once completely dried, in a day or two, the image should be completely clear and hard wearing. 

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