Sunday, July 6, 2008

First Machina Fatalis Event a Rousing Success!

To celebrate the auspicious Occasion of the Anniversary of the birth of one of our Members, namely one Fraulein Flieger, or, as she is known to her Co-workers, Family, Friends, and Tax Collectors, Ingred, it being a time of traditional Jubilation, Machina Fatalis, being Southern California's (and specifically San Diego's) premier, and indeed, only, Steampunk Social Club, hosted a gathering of like-minded Individuals at the prominent Los Angeles Night Club, "The Edison", which has been much lauded by Steampunk and Libation Enthusiast alike as a Destination bar none for all manner of celebration and recreation.

Those present were in unanimous Agreement that the Occasion, celebrated primarily, or dually, as the case may be, by a thorough sampling of the Establishment's Bill of Fare, and vigourous and enthusiastic conversation, was a rousing Success. Gifts were presented to the Guest of honor, which were gratefully accepted, and apparently appreciated by said Party. Though the evening was perhaps momentarily marred by the appearance of a Stoner Rowdy of confirmed Rascality, the Management of the establishment was entirely studious in its removal of the offending Party, rendering the Incident nothing more than an amusing episode, providing fodder for lively Conversation and jovial Merriment.

All in all, a good time was had by all, and a Precedent has been set for future Recreations staged by San Diego's premier Steampunk Social club, of which the upcoming Comic-Con Cocktail Party is certain not to disappoint.


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