Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Steampunk @ Comic Con

The steampunk presence was well felt at this year's Comic Con International. Not only were many panels and vendors of interest to steampunks, we had a very successful meetup! An anticipated crowd of 30 - 50 turned out to be 200+ with many interested onlookers as well. Many fine photographs may be seen on Flickr, and LJ Steamfashion. One of my favorites can be found here:
Lucien Desar's Steamfashion photos
As exciting and interesting as our con meetup was, we of the Machina are exhausted. After a short rest, we will resume planning events for the San Diego/Southern California area. We would like to have events like steampunk work days (for work-in- progress), midnight croquet, day out to the Berkeley, picnic in Heritage Park, trip to the steam museum, and other adventures. We welcome any steampunks who would like to join us on our adventures. Please feel free to contact us here, or via Brass Goggles, where we may be found under our member names.

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