Thursday, January 15, 2009

Absinthe Tasting Party - December 13th, 2008

By way of celebrating a successful year of steampunk events extraordinare (and the birthday of one of our members), Machina Fatalis hosted an absinthe tasting. Our evening began with the arrival of many finely attired guests. Much mingling and merriment followed. Once everyone was present, our sommelier for the evening, Carol, began our tasting. She made some fine dishes to accompany our absinthe: Gnocchi with fennel pollen, goat cheese and onion tartlets, 4 types of artisan chocolate, and other tasty nibbles. Yummy! Our tasting began with a Czech absinthe, Fruko Schulz. It was determined by all to be nigh undrinkable, with comments like "looks like mouthwash, but not as good", and "what is this stuff you're making us drink?". Only lighting it afire seemed to make it consumable. After each tasting, Tayopa read a history of the brand, with tasting notes. Quite enlightening and amusing. Next on our tasting menu was Lucid, the most popular absinthe in bars. Lucid was determined to be acceptable, nicely flavoured, but a bit strong on the anise flavor. A short time out to dine on the divine gnocchi and tartlets. Carol is a wonderful sommelier and a fantastic cook. Everyone raved about the food. Then on to the last 2 tastings. Next on our list was Le Tourment Vert, the house absinthe at The Edison. Though quite tasty, the truly artificial color could be improved upon. Lastly, one of our own, S. Sprocket graciously offered a bottle of St. George. An absinthe with a deep green, smoky color and complex taste. Divine! Determined to be our official absinthe from now on. Once the last of the absinthe was gone it was time for photos and fun, with many staying until all hours debating and conversing.
Jerry Abuan's beautiful photos of the evening, including the one shown here, can be seen at his photography site. Carol Wafer may be contacted for events at

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