Thursday, January 15, 2009

Naultilist Ball, New Year's Eve with Abney Park

A wondrous evening of music and steampunk! We of the Machina Fatalis eagerly awaited the announcement of Abney Park's performance at The Edison. Once tickets were made available, their cost was prohibitive. It seemed we would be unable to attend! Curses! Enter Captain Robert of Abney Park, sweeping in from above, knife in sail, landing on both feet! Captain Robert used his piratical ways to ensure we, among many others, would not face dissapoint! And dissapointed we were not, as our evening was most enjoyable. Our night began with the usual, less-than-pleasant commute into Los Angeles from San Diego. Once firmly within our hotel, time for a quick change and race over to The Edison. Due to traffic and slow hotel service, our arrival was delayed until 10 p. m. Once inside, we quickly realized that AP was on stage! We had not missed their first performance. A quick trip to the front of the stage to find Emmaline Pierpont and Tobias Eastman. Many quick hellos, then all attention on the band. Once again, a fine performance with many people dancing. After the performance, Lucent Dossier came out with performances all over the club. Caught an interesting act in a giant bird cage, and later, in the generator room. A quick trip to the bar for our first drinks (Alas! The Bar was out of St. George!), then socializing all around. Met many online friends, new and old, and marveled at outfits. Aha! An absinthe bar in the corner! This is where our drinking would take place for the rest of the evening. More exploring the Edison led us to the smoking lounge upstairs. Walking into the lounge, we ran into an old friend from our San Francisco days, Rachael, looking as fantastic as ever! Plenty of reminiscing took place. While Mr. Greyshade headed back down to the dancefloor, I stayed and discussed matters of import with Atrus. Soon we realised the lateness of the hour and hurried down to the stage to join AP in our New Year's countdown. After much confetti, a fabulous champagne toast, and a few kisses, our Captain Robert led us in Auld Lang Syne. Once again, AP regaled us with song and dance until, sadly, the evening was over. Many hugs then we were off to hotel and home. We certainly look forward to next year's Nautilist Ball and hope many of you join us!

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