Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chrononaut on the Boardwalk

Ah summers at the shore, the ladies and gentlemen in their whites, gay stripes and straw hats. The strong men, jugglers and arcades on the piers amuse the recreating masses of rich and poor alike. From the cliff tops ornithopters launch catching the updrafts and only occasionally crashing on the rocks below. Bathers in modest costumes enjoy the warm sun and waters trusting in the submarine kraken patrols to keep them safe. Fortunately death rays work underwater!
Of course we can't actually move Queen Bee's closer to shore physically but we can certainly move the atmosphere of the shore to Queen Bee's, for in August summer wear is certainly in order. Professor Greyshade will spin light and amusing tunes, we invite buskers to ply their trades (please send us an e-mail to let us know you're coming) and there will be other surprises including a rare cinematic treat. 
At Queen Bee's, 3925 Ohio Street, San Diego, CA
$5 at the door. Thursday, August 12th, 8:00 pm to12:00am, all ages.

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