Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Concert for Sepiachord

Thursday January 13th at 8:00
Chrononaut presents: A Concert for Sepiachord

You wanted more live music? You've got it at this month's Chrononaut! Our biggest gathering of steampunk musicians since the League Gala in July has come together for a cause close to all our hearts. Our line up features Eliza Rickman, Flip Cassidy and the Junkyard Gospel, Veronique Chevalier and Jon Magnificent.

The steampunk music scene is unusual in that steampunk is not a genre of music as such but is instead a common thread of anachronism that runs across many genres. It's a network of artists, bands and DJs who have come to recognize that indefinable yesterday-meets-tomorrow something that we have in common. That network didn't just happen. Someone had to recognize the potential. Someone had to hear the groove. Someone had to define a "genre that doesn't exist." That someone was Jordan Bodewell, the man behind Sepiachord.

There are others who have helped of course, The Davenport Sisters of the Clockwork Ball and the Clockwork Cabaret, Joshua Pfeiffer of Vernian Process and Gilded Age Records, perhaps even that Greyshade chap, but none of us have Jordan's energy. Jordan writes more record reviews than I have time to read. He posts a song of the day on multiple Internet forums every day. He's put together two extraordinary compilation CDs and has pulled artists together who otherwise might not have known one another existed. Yet somehow he is so humble about what he does that he thought that if he couldn't do it anymore no one would care. Fat chance Captain Bodewell!

The Bodewell family was hit with medical bills so far beyond what their insurance covers that it will take years of careful budgeting to recover. As part of that budgeting Jordan felt he needed to cut out his Internet connection, his web hosting, and his music budget. This would have killed off Sepiachord. Already enough donations have come in, including the proceeds from Chrononaut's Jule Fest, so that he has promised not to do this hideous thing, but more is needed for both Sepiachordand Jordan's family. A band of Los Angles musicians all agreed to donate their talents to the cause but lacked a venue. As a result they are heading south to San Diego and Chrononaut. This is a rare opportunity for us at Chrononaut to host Northern talent that our humble little club normally couldn't draw.

$10 at the door (additional donations welcomed!)

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