Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chrononaut Presents: 6 String Samurai

Spring is upon us, here at Chrononaut. Shaking off the cold and damp of Winter, we look upon the coming months with great anticipation of fantastic Steampunk events yet to some. In the spirit of renewed joy at what the world has to offer, Chrononaut presents a night of just plain FUN! 
Join us for an epic night of steampunk music featuring San Diego's own 6 String Samurai! 

Thursday, April 14th, 8 pm to 12 am, 
$8, All Ages
Queen Bees, 3925 Ohio St, San Diego
Not yet familiar with 6 String Samurai? 

"In mid 2009, a group of time traveling adventurers time traveled to San Diego to save the world from a prophesied catastrophe. These heroes numbered 3: Frank (AKA the Ronin Inventor, team leader, technological genius, scientist, gadgeteer ,bassist, and top hat enthusiast), Radar (alias the Mystic Gentleman, sorcerer, soothsayer, drummer, and master of the arcane), and Erik (nom de plume the Barbarian Blademaster, unparalleled master of the axe [both musical instrument and instrument of destruction], poet, songsmith, and general hedonist). (Un)fortunately no catastrophe ever occurred. There were no giant spider robots to battle or evil megalomaniacal monkeys with human minds. Thus the heroes decided to stay in San Diego and pursue a different career: music. Using their unique adventuring talents, the trio created 6 String Samurai: The Band, and now entertain crowds both near and far with unrivaled excellence and flair."

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